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Technology and Your Business

Many businesses are just beginning to use the technology available to them. You know you could do better with the proper technological tools, but it's difficult as a small business to put the technology to work for you.

  • You're too busy to do-it-yourself.

  • Your staff is too busy just getting the work out.

  • You don't want to hire another employee just for a temporary project.

Outsourcing your technology needs is an excellent answer and there are hundreds of consultants and companies eager to take on your project. How will you decide which one to work with? Where will you get just the right amount of help for the best price? Contact me and I will help you to define your objectives. Together, we will develop and model an implementation plan. Then, if it makes good business sense, we will put the planned technology to work for you, quickly and efficiently.

Please give me the opportunity to use my 20 plus years of business and technology experience to guide your investment in technology. You can browse through my website for examples of how I work and who I've worked for. Most of my clients are in the Puget Sound area and I do some of their work on-site, but if you are looking for someone to work remotely on your PC's or web site, it doesn't matter where you are located.